Friday, July 14, 2006

Countdown to The Centenarian

Welcome to The Centenarian Blog - the collective musing/rambling of the writers involved in the Big Finish Dr Who Anthology, The Centenarian.

Over the next eighteen days the writers and editor involved in bringing this all together will drop by to share interesting little tidbits about the process of writing for Dr Who and what exactly (or not-so exactly) inspired their story.

You never know who you'll get, or when, but these writers include:

Joseph Lidster
Gary Russell
Ian Mond
Glen McCoy
Steven Savile
Richard Salter
Benjamin Adams
Simon Guerrier
Brian Willis
Lizzie Hopley
John Davies
Stel Pavlou
L J Scott
Samantha Baker
James Parsons &
Andrew Stirling-Brown
Stephen Hatcher

As well as Ian Farrington, who served as editor for Edward Grainger's life.

There is nothing special about Edward Grainger.

His life is much like any other - full of family and friends, love and passion, incidents and turning points. He travels, works, laughs and cries. He has parents, a wife, a child, a grandchild. He lives life to the full.

There is nothing special about Edward Grainger.

Except… from the day he was born, until the day he will die, he keeps meeting the Doctor. Sometimes a different Doctor, sometimes the same Doctor.

There is nothing special about Edward Grainger.

Release Date: July 2006
Editor: Ian Farrington
Format: Hardback
RRP: £14.99 (£16.50 non-uk)
ISBN: 1-84435-191-2


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What a great idea. I look forward to reading more.

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